Coming to an infestation near you:

TY PHOID: Lead Vocals

Ty spent most of his youth in Newark, New Jersey writing songs and playing with the rodents his Dad collected working as an exterminator for the city. After getting kicked out of high school for releasing a swarm of rats in the school cafeteria, Ty put his two hobbies together and wrote songs about rats, death, and girls. Ty's best friend, Rex Hanta, put those songs to music, and The Plague Rats were born!

REX HANTA: Electric Guitar

Whatever Ty might tell you, Rex is the true leader of the band. Without his mad guitar skills, Ty would still be playing with mice in his Dad's basement. Rex started studying music at a young age when he was quarantined for several months with a rare case of scarlet influenza. His parents bought him a guitar to pass the time, and Rex has been jamming ever since.


Black "Death" Tail hails from Los Angeles, California, where he owned a tattoo parlor specializing in tongue art. He was playing bass nights at The Pirate's Inferno when he met up with The Plague Rats. Rex and Ty had gotten into a nasty fight at the Pirate's bar when Rex spilled his drink on Death. Ty was so excited to see Death kick the living snot out of Rex that he invited the tattoo artist to join the band right there and then. When he found out Death could play the bass, Ty was even happier.


Let's put the tabloid rumors to rest once and for all: "Odd-Eye" wasn't born creepy looking; his right eye was knocked crooked during a rubber band war in middle school. That potential setback hasn't stopped the New York native from playing a nasty set of drums, and the band enjoys using his handicapped parking sticker to their advantage. Jump on a chair, Grandma, the 'Rats are in town!